1135_455868217836939_1100019631_nHere I share true stories of a man who set out on a journey to love.

He was not alone for the Lord was with him.. Pockets were empty but his heart was full, and he reached out to touch the untouchables. They are the outcasts in society who dream of change. Jesus stands at the door of their heart, and if they welcome Him in, they discover hope and healing. Beautiful feet walk the streets of India, sharing the love they had found in Him. Bringing food to the hungry, cloths to the naked, comfort to the widows, and joy to a child. The love of Jesus has no end, and in Him there is no caste system!  

Please join me as I share the smiles and trials through the Ministry of Christ Love and Global Hope~ with Pastor Madhu Bunga and the team.

Please pray for all areas of ministry that are being carried out


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